Smart ticketing on every bus in Britain by 2022?


It should be possible to pay for all public transport across Britain by contactless means by 2022, following agreements among major transport operators to support the use of smart cards in the industry.

The scheme would see contactless technology installed on all of the 32,000 buses outside London to enable cashless travel.

Oyster and contactless bank cards are already accepted in the capital, but smart ticketing offers more convenience and flexibility for passengers, allowing easy connections across different modes of transport and helping reduce ticket queues and crowding at transport interchanges.

The UK’s five major bus operators have announced they will bring contactless travel to every bus in Britain by 2022, with many areas benefiting sooner.

Intelligence and Security Key in Transportation Sector


When it comes to paying for public transport, payment methods have evolved immensely over the years.

First, there was cash (obviously), but when that was too inconvenient and too expensive for the consumer, in came paper tickets, quickly followed by the magnetic strip ticket. Each of these advancements in payment methods was designed to make the process faster, easier, and more secure for everyone.


Well, the latest incarnation of the payment method that travellers are using for public transport involves the use of smart cards. In some markets smart cards that are supplied to the end user are becoming more valuable, requiring more security during the periods before they are issued to the end user.

At Asahi Seiko, we have developed the secure cassette for the SCD smart card solution to give customers peace of mind, ensuring that cards are kept secure from the point of loading to the point of dispensing.

This of course means accountability for the customer where physical card security is a concern, but in built intelligence in the card issuing system alongside physical security measures in the hardware itself is key.

The new secure cassette for the SCD offers both aspects! View our product here >

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