Does Your Bank Have Its Own Self-Service Coin Counter Yet?


Now is the time for banks to put in place self-service coin counters. Why?

In the US, coin-counting machines have become a regular feature. They make the process of trading coins for cash (or depositing them) much easier, doing away with the time and cost of counting coins by hand. It’s as simple as pouring the coins into the machine.

While the number of bank branches in the UK continues to decrease, savvy banks looking to offer that little bit more to customers would do well to invest in coin counters. It gives customers – and particularly business customers – yet another reason to choose your bank branch over another one. Many banks now require customers to count their coins by hand before they deposit them. Who has the time?

Coin-counting machines can prevent queue build-ups in branches and save employees’ time. They are a win-win purchase for your branch.

Choose a machine with a high accuracy rating to ensure your customers get the correct exchange.

Why Cash is still King


Cash remains the most popular form of payment, with 57% of people preferring to use notes and coins to cards, according to research.

The importance of cash is often overlooked, but it plays a crucial role in the short-term financial planning for many people.

Consumers are likely to spend less when they hand over cold hard cash versus swiping plastic, since cash feels more like real money. When you have tangible money in your hand and you can physically feel it depleting each time you spend, you are much more likely to notice how much you are spending and be more careful about it.

There are also many drawbacks of regularly using credit and debit cards. Ultimately, they encourage you to spend more than you intended to. Yes…. we’ve all done it! But with cash, spending requires a physical action – actually going to an ATM (and viewing your depleting account balance) prior to entering the store to make your purchase. Oh, the guilt!

Cash has one very clear advantage over using a credit card: If you buy something on your credit card, chances are you’re only making the minimum payment each month. It might take years for you to pay off the balance for a single purchase.

When you swipe plastic, retailers often ask for additional information such as your post code and email address so they can bombard you with offers and news later. Annoying isn’t it! But with cash, you are less likely to receive hundreds of email marketing and when retailers don’t have your email or mailing address, that information can’t be stolen in a data breach.

Cash is certainly KING!

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