‘Recycle, Recycle, Recycle’ – Q&A with Paco Terrasa-Been, Capstone


As a result of the recent growth in smaller retailers adopting cash management technology, we spoke with Paco Terrasa-Been of Capstone, a cash management solutions specialist, to see what the situation is with this technology.

Q. From your point of view what are the reasons your customers want to buy the recycling systems?
A. Most of the retailers are looking for Enhanced cash management, reducing the necessary time to prepare cash floats for point of sale equipment. They are also trying to achieve greater control in terms of reducing fraud. Other key issues are Hygiene, Security, Transaction processing time.

Q. What is the biggest unexpected benefit to them?
A. The majority of users see tangible cost reductions and are pleased that the ROI really can be achieved in 1 to 1.5 years.

Q. What key feedback have you had after a customer starts to use the system?
A. When you speak with customers after installation the cashiers love the system because they have far less stress about taking care of giving proper change and the Managers/store owners love the system because the time taken to administer cash is greatly reduced.

Q. When customers first approach you about cash management systems what fears do they have?
A. The biggest fear is the expected cost of implementing such systems, it seems that many customer assume that it would not be viable for the smaller retailer. I am pleased to say that for the main part we can put their mind at rest about this.

Q. And finally, do Capstone have any upcoming events where we can see this technology in action?
A. Yes we will have the systems at the upcoming Euroshop, Saveur et Metiers and Internorga shows.


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As a company, our commitment is to provide the very best products and service – and that’s why our customers continue to use us, again and again.

Asahi Seiko offers all of our new and existing customers a customisation service, to help them integrate both coin and card handling devices into existing machines and new developments. Customisations can include; metalwork, wiring harnesses and other bespoke features depending on the application they are required to fit. We can also offer integrated solutions to those customers that need to combine more than one module.

FACT: Since we started offering our bespoke services, Asahi Seiko have produced more than 200 customised solutions, across all of our main areas;

·         Automatic Fare Collection
·         Toll Systems
·         E-Commerce
·         Kiosk
·         Cashless Payment Systems
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·         Parking
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We understand that one size DOES NOT fit all.

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