Does Your Bank Have Its Own Self-Service Coin Counter Yet?
Now is the time for banks to put in place self-service coin counters. Why? In the US, coin-counting machines have
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New Pound Coin – Effects on Businesses So Far
What effect has the new £1 coin had on businesses so far? The new coin is billed as the most
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The New Take on Vending
Picture the vending machine, and a likely image pops to mind—the rectangular object that pops out fizzy drinks, crisps and/or
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Easter: Smart Retailers Gear Themselves Up for a Busy Weekend
Warm weather and the later date for Easter this year are expected to boost high street spending. Retail analyst Springboard
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Is bulk entry the future?
Do you stand aimlessly at various types of payment machines rummaging for the exact change, only to then spend more
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The new 12-sided £1 coin – Is your business ready?
With less then six months to go, the race against time to make sure everything from vending machines to shopping
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Are arcades still a viable business?
The first popular “arcade games” included early games such as shooting galleries, ball-toss games, and the earliest coin-operated machines, such
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Paperless rail travel within the next eight years?
The move is part of plans to push Britain towards a cashless, paperless society in which people use cards or
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Why Cash is still King
Cash remains the most popular form of payment, with 57% of people preferring to use notes and coins to cards,
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Time is a consumers most important currency
Self-service payments have experienced a huge surge in popularity over the past few years, with self-service technology having transformed entire
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Smart Tokens – the smart choice?
Smart cards are a normal part of daily life for us all, but what about smart tokens? You know, those
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Smart ticketing on every bus in Britain by 2022?
It should be possible to pay for all public transport across Britain by contactless means by 2022, following agreements among
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