The New Take on Vending


Picture the vending machine, and a likely image pops to mind—the rectangular object that pops out fizzy drinks, crisps and/or chocolate bars. In other words, something parents and health campaigners try to ban.

But vending machines are changing. Why should they be the preserve of the unhealthy? There is no reason that a vending machine can’t drop a healthy snack into its take-out portal. Especially if it’s positioned in a place where there is demand for such products. A gym, for example, might do well with a vending machine dispensing protein bars and whey shakes. There are now vending machines you can buy milk from too.

Scientists in Chicago have taken it one step further, with a new system that forces the vendee to wait 25 seconds if they choose a junk food product. As a visible countdown begins, the buyer is asked if they want to opt for something healthy instead. The delay led to a 2-5 percent increase in healthy snack choices. It had no impact on sales.

Easter: Smart Retailers Gear Themselves Up for a Busy Weekend


Warm weather and the later date for Easter this year are expected to boost high street spending.

Retail analyst Springboard predicts a 5.4 percent increase in footfall to all outlets, compared to a 1.9 percent drop last year. Easter falls after the national payday too, which indicates that more shoppers will visit retail destinations this weekend.

Springboard said the prediction about high streets reflected their resilience, adaptability and diverse hospitality, allowing them to adapt more quickly than retail parks. It is estimated that 15 percent of Easter sales will take place in food and drink places, up from previous years’ 10 percent. The good weather forecast will no doubt make a difference to entertainment outlets, such as theme parks and those offering family fun.

Smart retailers will be gearing themselves up for a busy weekend.

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