Forget one to one meetings – Asahi Seiko now offer personalised product video presentations


No time for meetings?

Whilst we at Asahi Seiko are more than happy to visit you to show you our latest products first hand, we also understand that you may not have time for a formal meeting.

With that in mind, we have created a series of personalised product video presentations. Each individually tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

You can see view almost anything in 360 degree format online these days, from iPhones to Houses – so why not Coin Handling! We want to take to make the ‘enquiry to sales’ process as easy as possible for our customers, and we think our personalised presentations help us to do that.

Interested? Email us at: or tweet us your details @AsahiSeiko to request your personalised presentation today.

Just tell us which products/services you’re interested in and we’ll aim to have your video over to you within 24hrs.

Paperless rail travel within the next eight years?


The move is part of plans to push Britain towards a cashless, paperless society in which people use cards or mobile phones to pay for restaurant meals, checking in at airports – and everything in between.

Paper train tickets will become extinct and commuters will have to use smart phones under plans unveiled by ministers. <>

The new ticketing system would “improve the experience” of travelling by rail. The rail industry wants to respond to the needs of their customers and understands the importance of modernising train tickets so that passengers are no longer reliant on the old orange paper format.

They are in the early stages of exploring how passengers could pay for and store tickets on their contactless credit or debit cards as part of a wider aim to improve the experience of rail passengers and move towards smarter types of ticket.

But what about those less ‘tech savvy’ commuters amongst us?

Do you think we will see an end to our iconic orange tickets?

Will Paper tickets become a thing of the past?

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