Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016 – Our best year yet!


Thousands of traffic professionals visited the most authoritative traffic technology exhibition in the world: Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016. During the four action-packed days we made some great business relationships, exchanged ideas and welcomed new and existing customers to our stand.

No other infrastructure and traffic exhibition provides the knowledge and insights gained by attending this event which featured in excess of 800 exhibitors from over 50 countries; the latest products and innovations; and packed seminar and workshop programmes.

We took advantage of these networking opportunities to connect across countries, technologies and industry sectors, which resulted in huge interest in our FH-700/L1 escalator hoppers and smart card system.

The FH-700/L1 is Asahi Seiko’s first non coin specific escalator hopper, featuring fast payout speeds and last coin payout in both the bowl and the escalator. For more info, visit:

Smart Tokens – the smart choice?


Smart cards are a normal part of daily life for us all, but what about smart tokens? You know, those little round ‘thingys’ that everyone keeps talking about….

A security/smart token (sometimes called an authentication token) is a small hardware device that the owner carries to authorise access to a network service. The device may be in the form of a smart card or may be embedded in a commonly used object such as a key fob.

Smart tokens often require a password in order to function. This provides the token some certainty that the person using it is the person who is supposed to be using it!

But… this isn’t always necessary – for some applications, entering a password each time the token is used is more trouble than it’s worth. In general, if a person can use the token to spend money or access sensitive data, it will have a password. The user enters the password on his keyboard, or directly into the token via a keypad. Even if the computer has been hacked to record passwords, that won’t allow anyone to break the system; they still have to get possession of the smart token! Clever huh?!

In theory, smart tokens offer the same technology as smart cards, but presented in a different form with some level of increased security. We have the solutions to dispense these tokens, encode them, and we can even manufacture and supply the tokens themselves.

They can also be manufactured with Mifare technology – The leading brand of contactless IC products!

The Ultimate Flexible Solution for Card Dispensing

Not every card is the same, and not every card behaves in the same way. This is true!

But imagine this…. you have a great card dispensing application, and you also have a great card dispenser, but your cards still won’t dispense correctly. How frustrating!!!

Frustration NO MORE – Asahi Seiko understand this problem and we have been working hard to find a card solutions to compliment our card dispensers in even the most difficult of environments.

We can now offer a full solution for your card handling needs.

The Card Escrow is the latest product to be developed in the Asahi Seiko IC card handling range. It can create a compact contactless IC card writing mechanism using a standard card dispenser, offering dispense and capture features and can be integrated with a barcode reader.

Designed to interface to existing Asahi card dispensing products to offer additional functionality and compatible with CD-200/1000 and CD-1500 products. Asahi Seiko products are affordable and reliable, making us your prefect card handling supplier.

Call us now to see how we can help give you an ultimate flexible solution.

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