CDE range offers a cost effective contactless solution


The CDE-1000 is a contactless card dispenser, designed for applications where card capture is not needed and the length of the unit is critical.

The CD card dispenser series covers a diverse range of applications from plastic and paper credit card size to pull-tab, break-open style tickets and scratch cards. Utilising the CD-1000 range dispensing technology and combining it with contactless capability, not only minimises unit length but is also an extremely cost effective solution. Offering only the essential features required to dispense and encode a card.

Error-free dispensing. No problem!

These dispensers have an excellent reputation for high quality and reliability throughout the world in a variety of applications including transportation, gaming and telecommunications.

Both drop vend or bezel vend options are available, and when used with a bezel the card can be re-inserted into the unit (for example: a card credit re-charge scenario). The unit can then be supplied either ready for customer antenna/interface integration, or fully ready with an RS-232 controlled Mifare interface.

It’s that simple.

Not just an ‘off the shelf’ service


As a company, our commitment is to provide the very best products and service – and that’s why our customers continue to use us, again and again.

Asahi Seiko offers all of our new and existing customers a customisation service, to help them integrate both coin and card handling devices into existing machines and new developments. Customisations can include; metalwork, wiring harnesses and other bespoke features depending on the application they are required to fit. We can also offer integrated solutions to those customers that need to combine more than one module.

FACT: Since we started offering our bespoke services, Asahi Seiko have produced more than 200 customised solutions, across all of our main areas;

·         Automatic Fare Collection
·         Toll Systems
·         E-Commerce
·         Kiosk
·         Cashless Payment Systems
·         Family Entertainment Casino
·         Change Machines
·         Amusement
·         Parking
·         and more….

We understand that one size DOES NOT fit all.

Contact us today to discuss any customisations you may need and we will work with you to bring you the very best solution.

Are arcades still a viable business?


The first popular “arcade games” included early games such as shooting galleries, ball-toss games, and the earliest coin-operated machines, such as those that claimed to tell a person’s fortune or that played mechanical music.
In the 1930s the first coin-operated pinball machines emerged. These early amusement machines differed from their later electronic cousins in that they were made of wood. They lacked plungers or lit-up bonus surfaces on the playing field, and used mechanical instead of electronic scoring-readouts. By around 1977 most pinball machines in production switched to using solid-state electronics both for operation and for scoring.

These days though, coin-operated games are far more intelligent as the industry sees a resurgence in arcade amusements popularity.

The question is…. are arcades still a viable business?

The answer: Yes, but they need to adapt to modern times. It’s no longer enough to rely purely on nostalgia.

For many successful arcades, it’s finding a perfect balancing act between old technology and modern business models.

What are your thoughts? Are amusement arcades a dying trend? Or do you frequently visit your local seaside venue?

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Forget one to one meetings – Asahi Seiko now offer personalised product video presentations


No time for meetings?

Whilst we at Asahi Seiko are more than happy to visit you to show you our latest products first hand, we also understand that you may not have time for a formal meeting.

With that in mind, we have created a series of personalised product video presentations. Each individually tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

You can see view almost anything in 360 degree format online these days, from iPhones to Houses – so why not Coin Handling! We want to take to make the ‘enquiry to sales’ process as easy as possible for our customers, and we think our personalised presentations help us to do that.

Interested? Email us at: or tweet us your details @AsahiSeiko to request your personalised presentation today.

Just tell us which products/services you’re interested in and we’ll aim to have your video over to you within 24hrs.

Paperless rail travel within the next eight years?


The move is part of plans to push Britain towards a cashless, paperless society in which people use cards or mobile phones to pay for restaurant meals, checking in at airports – and everything in between.

Paper train tickets will become extinct and commuters will have to use smart phones under plans unveiled by ministers. <>

The new ticketing system would “improve the experience” of travelling by rail. The rail industry wants to respond to the needs of their customers and understands the importance of modernising train tickets so that passengers are no longer reliant on the old orange paper format.

They are in the early stages of exploring how passengers could pay for and store tickets on their contactless credit or debit cards as part of a wider aim to improve the experience of rail passengers and move towards smarter types of ticket.

But what about those less ‘tech savvy’ commuters amongst us?

Do you think we will see an end to our iconic orange tickets?

Will Paper tickets become a thing of the past?

Product Showcase: FH-700/L1


Like every business these days, we understand the value of great product videos. They offer an informative 360 degree view and detailed information on key products and services. Our first video features one of our most popular products in the escalator hopper range, and is part of a series of show reels from Asahi Seiko’s core products range.

The FH-700/L1 is Asahi Seiko’s first non coin specific escalator hopper, featuring fast payout speeds and last coin payout in both the bowl and the escalator.

Features include;

·         Non coin specific escalator hopper

·         Modular escalator, height can be increased by adding sections

·         Last coin payout

·         Can be supplied in either a standard or intelligent version

To find out more, watch our latest product video.

Why Cash is still King


Cash remains the most popular form of payment, with 57% of people preferring to use notes and coins to cards, according to research.

The importance of cash is often overlooked, but it plays a crucial role in the short-term financial planning for many people.

Consumers are likely to spend less when they hand over cold hard cash versus swiping plastic, since cash feels more like real money. When you have tangible money in your hand and you can physically feel it depleting each time you spend, you are much more likely to notice how much you are spending and be more careful about it.

There are also many drawbacks of regularly using credit and debit cards. Ultimately, they encourage you to spend more than you intended to. Yes…. we’ve all done it! But with cash, spending requires a physical action – actually going to an ATM (and viewing your depleting account balance) prior to entering the store to make your purchase. Oh, the guilt!

Cash has one very clear advantage over using a credit card: If you buy something on your credit card, chances are you’re only making the minimum payment each month. It might take years for you to pay off the balance for a single purchase.

When you swipe plastic, retailers often ask for additional information such as your post code and email address so they can bombard you with offers and news later. Annoying isn’t it! But with cash, you are less likely to receive hundreds of email marketing and when retailers don’t have your email or mailing address, that information can’t be stolen in a data breach.

Cash is certainly KING!

Time is a consumers most important currency


Self-service payments have experienced a huge surge in popularity over the past few years, with self-service technology having transformed entire industries overnight. Businesses are using self-service technology to operate more productively and to better serve their customers.

Time is a consumers most important currency – and they don’t want to waste minutes, or even hours, standing in queues (we’ve all been there). The quicker and more flexible businesses can make consumer interactions, the more likely they are to strengthen customer relationships.

Perhaps the biggest advantage with self-service technology is the added speed with which customers can pay for their purchases – Reducing the length of queues and waiting times, and increasing the frequency of return visits.

Vending machines, ticket purchasing, pay-at-pump petrol, checkout kiosks, parking; self-service payments are a versatile solution for many different applications and sectors, but as consumers become more tech-savvy they will ultimately expect more choice……. where do you think the self-service payments sector is heading next?

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The new SCD-2500+CDdispenser has been designed to increase the capacity of the standalone SCD-2500 by 100%.

Not only does it incorporate all the great features of the SCD-2500, now this new version is more suited to high card volume applications. Specifically designed for simple integration into a host machine, this product is a total card handling solution for any system where cards need to be processed.

When the cassette of the SCD-2500 is empty the CD-1000 will then dispense cards through the SCD-2500, controlled through one common interface and with a single bezel card exit.

The SCD-2500+CD can also be used with contact/contactless cards. The new system can easily accommodate approximately 880 cards when used, with two 445 cassettes dispensing a 0.8mm card.


Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

Intertraffic Amsterdam, the world’s leading trade event for infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, safety and parking ended on an all time high and was one of the best events of its kind ever staged.

We took advantage of these networking opportunities to connect across countries, technologies and industry sectors, which resulted in huge interest in our FH-700/L1 escalator hoppers and smart card systems.

Following the success of the event, we have already booked our place for 2018!

Ian Wiseman, Sales Manager comments; 

“We had such a great experience at the exhibition. It really exceeded our expectations and has reminded us how good exhibitions can be. We are very much looking forward to doing it all again in two year’s time.”

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